About Us

Jeanine Dibble

Mrs. Johnson has worked for Art by J for years and is a valued instructor. Mrs. Johnson loves working with children and enjoys seeing their improvements and achievements.  

Likes: ​spending time with her granddaughters, mystery stories, reading, and portraits

Favorite Medium: graphite

Mrs. Allran has a bachelors degree in fine arts and is passionate about art appreciation. Mrs. Allran loves to bring out the creativity of her students and is beginning our new Adult Art Club!

Likes: dogs, thrifting, abstract art

Favorite Medium: oil painting

Ms. Capps is a senior at UNC Charlotte who is going in to Occupational Therapy. Ms. Capps took art class at Art By J for 10 years before becoming a student intern. Ms. Capps is passionate about Holy Angels Art Club and organizes activities and meetings for the club

Likes: reading, ice skating, mystery stories, nature, and her dogs

Favorite Medium: ​watercolor

Susan Allran 

Trudy Johnson

Polly Bratyanski

Each student traditionally begins lessons with Art By J by first learning about the elements of art - Shape, Line, Form, Texture, and Color. After learning about these concepts, students begin their first chalk pastel still life; The first still life a child does is often their first time applying the different aspects of art at the same time. The composition for the first still life consists of a bottle, fruit of their choice, and a glass. When arranging their still life for the first time, students are introduced to more art concepts, such as composition and color theory. 

Elizabeth Capps

Meet The Staff

Art by J


Ms. B is a student at CPCC who aspires to be an art teacher. Ms. B loves to encourage students to be creative and expressive!

Likes: working as a counselor for summer camp, playing with dogs, and doing still life's

Favorite Medium: ​charcoal

Jeanine Dibble is the "J" in Art By J. Mrs. Dibble is passionate about working with children to enhance their artistic ability and loves to see her students be successful. Mrs. Dibble has touched the community with her passion for Art By J and her students.

Art By J has been in business since 1985. It is our mission to guide children through studio art skills in various disciplines while also enriching their knowledge of art history. Since starting, Art By J has grown to be a well respected local business serving the Belmont community as well as the surrounding areas. Former Art By J students have entered various fields in their adult lives (anywhere from astrophysics to being professional artists), but they are all connected through their experiences in art as a student.

Something that sets Art By J apart from other art classes is the development of skills, not only artistically, but throughout each student's life. Friendships, creativity, fine motor control, and problem solving skills are just a few of the benefits of dedication to art. Each student is unique - therefore their artwork is something that they create using their knowledge of the basic principals of art as well as personal preference.